January 2021


Please continue to notify the school when your child has symptoms, has tested positive or has been a close contact/household contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID. Please either call 920-424-0164 or email lindsey.uecker@oshkosh.k12.wi.us 

Without your help, we will not be able to stop the spread.

Return to Model 3 on Monday, January 11th

We will return to Model 3 on Monday, January 11th. Group B students will begin on Monday and Group A students will return to school on Tuesday, January 12th. We are excited to open our doors and welcome students back.

Group A students will have in-person learning on Tuesdays & Fridays and Group B students will have in-person learning on Mondays and Thursdays. All students are virtual on Wednesday.

First page of the PDF file: OASDModel3HybridLearningJan-March_1
First page of the PDF file: OASDModel3HybridLearningApr-June_2

Return to School Reminders:

Please make sure to pack:

  • Your child's face mask
  • Winter Attire ~ Snow boots, hats, gloves, winter coat and snow pants
  • Chromebook & chargers (make sure to charge the Chromebook before returning to school)
  • School Supplies
  • Classroom library books
  • Past due library books
  • Art supplies
  • School snack for snack time

Please review our Family Guide Book for all of our return to school procedures.


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School Picture Day is Scheduled!

Network Photography has been scheduled for pictures on Thursday & Friday, January 14th & 15th. Pictures will be taken during the school day. You can pre-pay and order your packet online at the prepay link

Picture Retake Day Oct. 23 – Leslie Middle School

Winter Attire

As we return in January, please ensure that your child has the appropriate winter attire.  Students must wear boots from the first snowfall until all of the snow is melted. That means that students must change into outside weather boots before going outside. If they do not have boots, they may be asked to stand or stay in a designated area.

Students must wear snow pants and mittens, in addition to boots, to play in the snow. If they do not have snow pants, boots and mittens, they MUST stay on the visible blacktop or in the designated area.

Please remember that the district policy states that students go outside for recess unless the temperature is below 10 degrees or when the wind chill is below zero. When they do not have the proper clothes, students still go outside but are not allowed to play on the equipment or on the field. Parents will be informed when boots and snow pants are no longer needed.

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Happy Birthday Dr. King

On Monday, January 18th we honor Dr. King and his civil rights work for racial equality in our country. His leadership was essential in ending segregation in the south and other parts of the United States. Dr. King is famous for many aspects of the civil rights movement but his I Have a Dream speech is one of the most powerful speeches he ever made. 


About Dr. King | Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

Out of Attendance

Out of Attendance requests are due by February, 26th. Please access this link if you are interested in completing an application. 

Oshkosh Free Meals

OASD Free School Meal Distribution During Model 3: Hybrid Learning

While the OASD is in Model 3: Hybrid Learning school meals (for virtual learning days, eAcademy students, and anyone age 18 and under) will be distributed as follows:

Meal Distribution During Model 3: Hybrid Learning: Meal distributions will continue to occur on Wednesdays ONLY at the following locations and times:

  • North High School (circle drive in front of school) from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

  • West High School (in front of door 20) from 12:15 - 1:15 p.m.

  • West High School (in front of door 20) from 3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

  • North High School (circle drive in front of school) from 5 - 6 p.m.

NOTE: No school meals will be sent home with students at the end of their in-person learning days at this time. Families looking for additional school meals for virtual learning days are asked to visit the distribution sites on Wednesdays to receive those meals.

Meal Distribution Details:

  • Meals will be distributed for five days at a time and will include a breakfast, lunch, and supper for each day. 

  • Milk will be offered with all meals. 

  • Meals are available and are free to anyone age 18 and under. 

  • Children do not need to be present to receive free meals, a parent/guardian or sibling may pick up meals. 

  • Children do not need to be enrolled in the Oshkosh Area School District to receive free meals.